After having established himself as versatile producer of content ranging from
commercials to music videos and television programs,
Tsuyoshi Tajima founded VECKS in 2011 and serves as executive producer on
all of its shows.

Tajima established himself early on as an original creator of one of the
best-selling Japanese pop idol groups of all time, “Morning Musume”.
He produced ten of their music videos including “Love Machine”,
helping to establish them as one of the biggest pop groups in Japan.
He has produced over 60 music videos, award-winning commercials and various
internationally broadcast programs for NHK.


Specializing in television and music videos,
Saeki has directed numerous programs at VECKS including
the award-winning series “Samurai Spirit” as well as “Your Japanese Kitchen”
and the 15th anniversary “Act against AIDS” 12 hour special.

Yaguchi has directed everything from commercials to educational TV shows
but specializes in reality-based and documentary programs.
He Asdirected the specials “Devoted to Care” and “EXILE ATSUSHI”.

Not only specializing in computer and motion graphics,
Yoshida has also directed episodes of NHK World series “Tokyo Eye”.